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SAT 2024 Exam

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About SAT Exam

The SAT exam has undergone several changes, including the addition of a digital version of the SAT Suite of Assessments. The SAT exam has been introduced to a digital platform as a result of the US pilot test's success. SAT exam dates will now consist of two-hour-duration instead of three, giving students taking the test additional time per question. The shorter reading passages on the online SAT will each have one question related to it. There will be a greater range of themes linked to what the students have studied in college in the passages given to the students on the SAT exam dates. Additionally, students may utilize calculators in the SAT Math part. SAT exam results are now available to students and teachers in days rather than the weeks they used to. Through the digital SAT Suite score reports, students can now link to information and resources about nearby two-year colleges, workforce training programs, and career opportunities. These also hold true for SAT exams in India.

The registration process for SAT exam date is extremely simple and not time taking at all. Just click on the official SAT registration link, on the College Board website and register for a college board account. After that, just fill out the application form with the necessary information and respond to the pertinent questions. Choose an exam location from the list of alternatives and choose a date for the SAT as well. Upload the scanned photo in the correct format and pay the SAT enrollment fee. You can also apply by phone or by mail.

The SAT exam is administered by the College Board and is an accepted exam for admission to many schools and universities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Finland, Singapore, India, and many other nations. The purpose of the SAT exam is to gauge a student's preparation for college. The test is mostly for high school students who plan to enroll in one of the SAT-accredited colleges. Typically, high school juniors and seniors (classes 11 and 12) take the SAT exam.

SAT Exam Date

The following table throws light on SAT exam 2023 dates and their corresponding registration deadlines for Indian students: 

SAT Digital Test Date 2023

Deadline for Registration, Changes, and Regular Cancellation

Mar 11, 2023 (Digital)

Feb 24, 2023

May 6, 2023 (Digital)

Apr 21, 2023

June 3, 2023 (Digital)

May 19, 2023

August 26, 2023 (Digital)

August 15, 2023

Students who are taking the SAT digital need to borrow a device from College Board and will need to register and request their device earlier than the registration deadline, to allow time for international shipping.

SAT Eligibility

The College Board does not mandate SAT exam eligibility 2023 criteria for students, so any candidate irrespective of their age may appear in the SAT exam 2023. That being said, here are some points the candidate may refer to before sitting in the SAT exam.

  • Generally, high school students in the age group 17-18 years take the SAT exam. This is an SAT eligibility criterion.

  • If the candidates fall in the under 13 years age group, they can register for the SAT exam only by mail. This also comes under SAT eligibility.

  • Candidates above 21 years of age have to provide a government-issued photo ID at the test center on the exam day.

Who takes the SAT?

Candidates seeking admission to a college or university undergraduate program usually take the SAT exam.

However, in some conditions, candidates can appear in SAT applying for scholarships, financial aid, or other programs that require a college admission test as part of their application process.

SAT exam tests the mathematical, writing, and critical reading skills of the students. The questions are mostly based on their high school studies.

Recently the College Board announced that the SAT will be delivered digitally. The digital version will start from March 2023 and in the United States in March 2024. The pilot project for digital SAT has already begun in November 2021 both in the US and internationally. The feedback for SAT digital version from students and educators has been positive so far. The digital SAT is found to be more flexible, easier, secure, and relevant by the student and teacher community.

SAT Syllabus

SAT Syllabus includes courses that students have already covered in their school curriculum over the years. The syllabus for SAT exam includes:

  • Reading section
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
SAT Digital Reading & Writing Syllabus 2023

The following table throws light on the combined areas of testing for SAT Reading and Writing for the new Digital exam to be conducted 2023 onwards, followed by a detailed description of each of the areas of testing:

SAT Reading & Writing Section Areas

Skill / Knowledge Testing Areas

Weightage & Question Distribution

Craft and Structure

  • Words in Context
  • Text Structure and Purpose
  • Cross-Text Connections

Weightage: 28% 

Questions: 13-15

Information and Ideas

  • Central Ideas and Details
  • Command of Evidence based on - Textual and Quantitative Inferences

Weightage: 26% 

Questions: 12-14

Standard English Conventions

  • Boundaries
  • Form, Structure, and Sense

Weightage: 26% 

Questions: 11-15

Expression of Ideas

Rhetorical Synthesis Transitions

Weightage: 20% 

Questions: 8-12

SAT Reading section is a part of the evidence-based Reading and Writing part of the SAT. It has a total of shorter passages each having 10-11 questions and there will be a total of around 56 questions in the section. Each question has four answer choices. The reading comprehension part is designed to evaluate candidates' ability to understand the meaning of different contexts and their associated terms with meaning and to comprehend written text.

Types of questions in the Reading & Writing Test

1. Craft & Structure

Students will be assessed for their comprehension, vocabulary, analysis, synthesis, and reasoning skills and knowledge to understand and use high-utility words and phrases in context. They would also be required to evaluate texts rhetorically and make connections between topically related texts.

2. Information & Ideas

Students will use comprehension, analysis, and reasoning skills and knowledge and the ability to locate, interpret, evaluate, and integrate information and ideas from texts and informational graphics.

3. Standard English Conventions

Students will use editing skills and knowledge to make the text conform to core conventions of Standard English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation.

4. Expression of Ideas

Students will use the ability to revise texts to improve the effectiveness of written expression and to meet specific rhetorical goals.

SAT Digital Math Syllabus 2023

Check out the SAT Digital Math syllabus for the exam that is scheduled to be conducted on March 11, 2023 below:

SAT Math Testing Areas

Skill / Knowledge Testing Areas

Weightage & Question Distribution


  • Linear equations in one variable
  • Linear equations in two variables
  • Linear functions
  • Systems of two linear equations in two variables
  • Linear inequalities in one or two variables

Weightage: 35% 

Questions: 13-15

Advanced Math

  • Equivalent expressions
  • Nonlinear equations in one variable and systems of equations in two variables
  • Nonlinear functions

Weightage: 35% 

Questions: 13-15

Problem- Solving and Data Analysis
  • Ratios, rates, proportional relationships, and units
  • Percentages
  • One-variable data: distributions and measures of centre and spread
  • Two-variable data: models and scatterplots
  • Probability and conditional probability
  • Inference from sample statistics and margin of error
  • Evaluating statistical claims: observational studies and experiments

Weightage: 15%

Questions: 5-7

Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Area and volume
  • Lines, angles, and triangles
  • Right triangles and trigonometry
  • Circles

Weightage: 15%

Questions: 5-7

SAT Exam Pattern

The following is the new proposed exam pattern for SAT Digital 2023, divided into the following sections and shorter in duration by almost one hour. Check out the latest SAT Digital exam 2023 pattern:

SAT Digital Parameters

SAT Digital Reading & Writing (RW) Section

SAT Digital Math Section



Two-staged: one tests Reading and the other the Writing section. Both are administered across separately timed modules.

Two-staged: The math section is administered via two separately timed modules.



Test length (total operational and pretest questions)

1st module:

  • 25 operational questions
  • 2 pretest questions

2nd module:

  • 25 operational questions
  • 2 pretest questions

1st module:

  • 20 operational questions
  • 2 pretest questions

2nd module:

  • 20 operational questions
  • 2 pretest questions


Time Duration

1st module: 32 minutes

2nd module: 32 minutes

1st module: 35 minutes

2nd module: 35 minutes

Total Questions



Total Time Allocated

64 minutes

70 minutes

Scores Reported

Total score calculation: RW + Math section scores

Question Type(s)

Discrete; MCQs with four options

MCQ (75%) and student-produced response (SPR)(25%)

Topics Tested

Literature, History / Social Studies, Humanities and Science

Science, Social Science and real-world related topics

Informational Graphics

Tested, includes - tables, bar graphs, line graphs

Also tested

Other Related Study Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) SAT Exam

Q. What is the Syllabus of SAT Exam?
A. In this article Page, we have provided the latest syllabus of the SAT exam. The syllabus of SAT comprises the topics and sub-topics under sections, Knowledge of SAT syllabus helps candidates to focus on their preparation and important areas of each subject.
Q. What is pattern of SAT Exam?
A. In this article Page, we have provided the latest exam pattern of the SAT exam . The pattern of comprises the subject wise pattern and no. of questions will come in exam, go to our article section of exam pattern for more details.
Q. Which is the best Mock test series for the SAT Exam?
A. At Studyclap, candidates can practice a complete set of Mock Test Series, along with a free mock test designed by our well qualified and expert faculty Team.
Q. How to prepare for the SAT Exam?
A. To prepare for SAT exam, candidates should go through the exam syllabus and exam pattern, solve mock tests, practice previous years' question papers. Try to clear the concepts of each and every topic rather than cramming. Set a time to go over the chapters, Differentiate weak areas and work to improve them. Solve puzzles to improve logical skill.
Q. How to Download SAT Exam Syllabus PDF?
A. Candidates can download SAT exam syllabus PDF from our website for free. Candidates need to only register with us to download the exam syllabus.

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