How to prepare for JEE Main(2022 or 2023)?

Team / 05 May, 2022

JEE Main is one of the most prestigious exam and Lacs of students dream of getting admission into IITs each year. The admission into IITs get them access to the best of education and infrastructure Govt of India has created for technology education in India. Preparing for JEE Main is not an easy task but its not too difficult either. Here we have brought some preparation strategies for you that would help you in getting the most of your preparations for the JEE Main exam.


Start Early to Prepare Better & Gain More Confidence

Starting early in preparation for the JEE Main is the key ingredient of success formula in JEE Mains exam. Most of the students who aim for admissions into IITs start thinking about preparations and strategies in the class 9th or 10th. If you are in these classes, it is right time to start preparing yourself for the competition. If you have just began the class 11th, then it is the most suitable time to start preparing for the main exam as your syllabus is now part of the exam.  

Even for class 12 students, its not too late to start preparing as you have cleared the class 11 exam which covers a lot of questions in JEE Main. You should start revising the class 11th syllabus along with this year's syllabus for preparation. The most important factor in preparation is the motivation, you should keep motivating yourself for the best of efforts you can make. The key element in preparation is how to study, learn faster and apply gained knowledge in solving plenty of questions related to each topic. The more questions around each topic you cover, the more you become efficient in solving them quicker. 

Know the Exam pattern

JEE Main exam is MCQ(multiple choice questions) type and 3 hours of time is allocated. There is also negative marking for wrong answers and hence if you don't know the answer, don't answer it so there is no loss of marks. You should practice through mock tests during your preparation to make sure you can cover maximum of the paper in the allocated time. 

Time Management

Doing everything on time keeps any kind of burden on your mind away. You should have daily routine scheduled such that, most of your time is spent in studying. Making small notes that you can learn even while you are doing something else can be handy.