Plenty of Career Options for Biology Students Available

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Have you opted biology as a subject or wanting to opt and worried about career options available? Biology is the subject in which we study life in both animals and plants. Biology is divided into two parts: Zoology & Botany. Both of these have excellent career options available in India and across the globe. With more research and innovations more career options are being added for Biology students each year.

Some of the major career options available for Biology students are discussed below:

Healthcare and Medicine -

Healthcare is a vast sector in India and is cause of concern for the country as of now due to shortage of manpower. Be it doctors, nurses, administrators, or alternative medicines; all verticals are facing shortage issues. The reason for this shortage is the population of the country which is growing at a fast pace. To meet the requirements of this growing population we need millions of more people working in the healthcare sector.


To better serve the people of the country and make sure Covid-19 pandemic-like situation doesn't repeat, the government is focusing on healthcare infrastructure. With population being a major challenge various steps are being taken to improve the healthcare system in the country by governments. The more people working in healthcare, it would be easier to deal with situations like Covid-19 in future. This is the reason why below we have explained what kind of career options are available for biology students:

Doctors - Dentist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Gynecologist, Veterinary, Pedologist etc. For becoming doctors you would need to complete MBBS. You would need to get through NEET exam and select medical colleges post the exam.

Nurses - Nursing is another great option for biology students to make a career. To become a nurse, one would need to complete BSc nursing. There plenty of nursing colleges in India for students willing to choose this career.


MD(medicine) - To become an expert in medicine one can opt for completing the MD course to acquire expertise in treating a particular field. India is facing an acute shortage of MDs.


Scientists - One can become a scientist and research medicines and diseases like cancer, heart, and many others.


Specific Treatment - One can acquire expertise in a particular treatment and build a successful career. For example oral pathology, orthodontics etc.


X-Ray Technician - X-ray technicians are also in demand these days. The course for this particular career can be done after 10+2. With expansion of labs across rural area there are plenty of vacancies available.  

Pharmacy -

India is known to be the world's pharmacy and is the biggest supplier of medicines across the globe. India has hundreds of pharma companies manufacturing medicines and a sizable amount of manpower is required in this sector. The pharma sector is on a boom post Covid-19 pandemic across the globe and the demand for our medicines has increased rapidly. The demand of manpower in this sector will keep growing for decades to come.

This sector is generating plenty of jobs each year for biology students. One can become a pharmacist, a researcher in a pharmaceutical company, a medical representative or a chemist. For each of the above career; opting biology would make one a strong candidate for being selected. B.Pharma & D.Pharma courses make you eligible to open Chemist-shop to sell medicines on doctor prescriptions. 


Physiotherapy -

When sportsmen are playing on the field, they sometimes get injured. The next moment we see a person running to the player and trying to help the player overcome the injury with the help of exercises or pain killers. This person normally is a physiotherapist who has expertise in helping people recover with the help of least medicines.


India's physiotherapy sector will be growing for the next few decades due to the shortage of expert physiotherapists in the country. As per WHO India needs 1 physiotherapist per 10000 people but there is an acute shortage. Students can choose this field after completing 10+2 in biology and opt for BPT or BOT courses.

Agriculture -

India has been an agriculture economy for hundreds of years and we have been largest producers of some of the commodities. India's agriculture sector is the largest employment provider. 


With introduction of technology in many agriculture fields this sector will remain the largest sector for providing employment. A lot of research is being done in this sector and new companies are emerging every month & startups have started focusing on this sector like never before.


These companies need experts in various agriculture departments like Seed, Soil, Storage, Food safety, Research, Dairy technology, Animal husbandry etc. 100s of startups have come up in the sector of agriculture and this sector has just started growing now. If you wish to be part of this boom in agriculture based startups, you should have Biology as a subject to become more successful in your career.

Apart from the above promising career options, there are other options like becoming lab technicians, becoming health advisors, becoming dieticians, Yoga or alternative medicine experts, & join government departments in science-tech. 

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